Thank you for visiting our school!  Your warm, friendly, outgoing personality, enthusiasm, love of children and books was quite evident and appreciated by the children and faculty.


Half day visit is $500.00 and includes two sessions. 

Full day visit is $900.00 and includes up to four sessions. 
Over a one hour commute, travel expenses will apply.

Smart board or projector set up for a Powerpoint presentation.

Book Sales
Having books available for parents and children to purchase ahead of time,
adds to the excitement and anticipation of an author visit.   I do not sell my books personally, but most bookstores would be happy to host the event for

you and may even provide a discount.
I would be happy to stay and sign books.

 List of Titles
• A Place To Bloom
• My Box of Color
• Kangaroo and Cricket
• The Itsy Bitsy Spider
• The Three Little Kittens
• This is the Ocean (Kersten Hamilton)

• Where Wild Babies Sleep (Ann Purmell)
• Cuckoo Can't Find You
• Katy Did It!

Parent /Teacher Presentation
The title of this 50 minute presentation is Nurturing Creativity.  We nurture
creativity in children not so they will become artists, but so they can become creative problem solvers, a life skill which transcends any field a child may pursue.

You will learn how to create "safe places" for your children to grow artistically and creatively as well as emotionally. This program is accompanied by a slide presentation
which entertains as well as educates, and ends with a question-answer period.

Starting at $1,200.00.  Plus travel expenses.


Smart board or projector set up for a Powerpoint presentation.

My interactive slide presentation will reveal the process of creating a picture book.  The children will see the unusual tools and materials I use as well as my storyboards, sketches, and personal journals. This 45 min. presentation has been designed to excite and educate, and includes handouts to color, as well as bookmarks for all the children. The presentation, which is adaptable for grades K-4th, ends with a question-answer period and a read-aloud.
I look forward to the opportunity to visit your school or library!
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"Lorianne's philosophy mirrors the ideas that Ann Laitres is fostering in our district, and she was simply thrilled with Lorianne's message (as a matter of fact, Ann dragged people in from the hall to listen to Lorianne)."  --Frank Mozino, Vice President, School-Time

"Thank you for participating in the Project Read Celebration at the Museum of the City of New York.  Our event was a success largely due to you and your published work.  I was impressed not only by the manner in which you engaged the audience, but how you were able to express the enjoyment of literature!"  --Stephen Perepeluk, Director, Office of Literacy Development